Have the vacation YOU choose.    From sunbathing, reading, stargazing on the trampolines at night to hiking, sailing, swimming, snorkeling or paddle boarding, the list of activities is very broad.  We love to cook.  Eating aboard is very relaxing but there are some really great restaurants and fun beach bars to explore too.  The on-land scene runs the gamut from listening to live music, enjoying a family-friendly full moon party at Trellis Bay to people watching – or playing - at some of the wilder places.


The sailing here in the Virgin Islands is fantastic.  The trade winds blow steadily and with so many islands to explore you can choose between long relaxing sails and short hops.

Sailing past Mermaid Chair, St Thomas, USVI

Paddle boarding

We carry two identical paddle boards.
They are easy to use and fun.
Visit the anchorage
or have a race!

Stand-up paddle board - SUP

Hiking                                .

Trails are everywhere, from family friendly promenade to cross the island hikes.  The views from the top will make well earned memories.

Trail marker on St John, USVI Hiking St. John, US Virgin Islands, USVI

      Snorkeling                   .

We have scouted the good snorkeling spots for you.  We can guarantee you will see turtles, and many many other neat creatures.

Eagle ray Flounder - Limande Green turtle Barracuda Urchin - oursin - snorkeling

Sunbathing - Stargazing

The trampoline is a great spot,
day or night, to just relax,
enjoy the view
or work on your tan.

Sunbathing and stargazing Welcome
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