Beagle Knot is a Lagoon 380 catamaran built in 2003 out of fiberglass, it is 38 ft (11,5m) long and 21 ft (6,4m) wide.  The trampoline, the salon, the cockpit and the galley are about on the same level, up.  The bedrooms (cabins) and the bathrooms (heads) are down in the hulls.  Catamarans are very stable and don’t rock too much at anchor.

Lagoon 380 view from the top of the mast

Beagle Knot can accommodate a couple very comfortably, (Queen size bed, own bathroom) or two couples, or a couple with two children.  The second couple – or the children – will share a slightly smaller bed (Queen size at the head but narrower at the feet) and will share with the first two persons the above mentioned bathroom.

Lagoon 380 cockpit Lagoon 380 saloon

The social life happens in the cockpit and in the saloon.  Both are large enough for at least six adults.

Beagle Knot, being a sailboat, has a main sail and a genoa.  In a good breeze it will go to about 7 or 8 knots (nautical miles per hour), equivalent to 8 – 9 MPH or 13 to 15 km/h.  It also has two diesel engines which we use to get in or out of anchorages and marinas, and sometime when there is no wind at all, which is very rare in the Caribbean Islands.

We have installed two large solar panels which supply most of our electricity.  The electricity is stored in two large ‘house’ battery banks, one in the starboard hull (24v), the other in the port hull (12v).  We have inverters that transform the DC current into 120v AC so we can connect computers, some kitchen utensils and recharge telephones.

Lagoon 380 floor plan Welcome
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