Lobster dinner

When Denis was a kid, he wanted to be a chef.  Well before the age of ten, his mother had him help her in the kitchen.  He is famous for his ‘tarte aux pommes’ (French Apple Pie) and grill mastery.  However most of the food & refreshments aboard are prepared by LaDonna who combines what she learned in her many travels (France, Italy, England, Brazil,  Mexico, Canada, the continental U.S. and throughout the Caribbean) with the local produce and styles to produce a pleasing culinary variety.  We send you a food/drink preference list to cater to guests’ individual desires.   Following are some of the menu choices:


- Penne Pasta with a Italian sausage flavored tomato sauce

- Mahi Mahi filet with  papaya sauce and green beans

- Mexican black bean soup – everyone asks for this recipe

- Chicken roti with  mango chutney

- Caribbean jerk risotto – Italian style rice with island flavors

- Papa Lindsay chili wraps – a family recipe

- Indian Madras chicken or fish curry with couscous – tell us if you like it spicy or very spicy.

- Tuna steaks with a passion fruit sauce and french lentils

- Thai style chicken curry with rice

- Tilapia on a bed of saffron rice with a delicately flavored curried coconut milk sauce

- Jerk chicken with roasted veggies

- Grilled steaks with baked potatoes (Idaho or sweet potato)

- Pot-au-feu (a stew)

- Grilled sausages & eggplant

- Salmon filets grilled with steamed almond broccoli

- Tandoori Pork tenderloin and rice with a peanut sauce

- Butternut squash soup

- Pasta with creamy pesto

- Fish marinated in vanilla rum & lime juice, sautéed with white beans


- Coffee, tea, milk

- Juices

- Granola and other cold cereal

- Cornbread with guava and nutmeg jams

- Fruits: Bananas, Pineapple, Mangos

- Bacon and eggs

- Biscuits with sausage gravy

- Coconut pancakes with nutmeg syrup

Sundowner munchies

- Black bean dip with nacho chips

- Sunny Caribbee herb pepper cheese spread

- Tuna on cucumber slices

- Humus with pita bread

- Tostones – fried green plantains

- Cheese & crackers

- Tzaziki and crackers

Cocktails served at sundown is an island tradition known as Sundowners

LaDonna’s specialties include an outstanding Pain Killer with fresh ground nutmeg and her own creation: the ‘Rum Soup’.

She learned from the locals how to mix the sneaky ‘Island Airmail’.  

A new favorite from Nevis is a “Shandy”

There is also the French islands ’Ti Punch that delivers a big punch.

  You can try a new drink every evening!


Non-alcoholic soft drinks, juices and ice cold water are available around the clock.

Let us know which you would like to have on hand.


- Fruits – Bananas, Mango, Grapefruits, Oranges

- Apple spice cake

- Sautée of bananas with Coconut Rhum

- Mousse au chocolat

- Ice cream


- Malbecs from Argentina

- Old Vine Zinfandels from Lodi, California

- Syrahs from Australia

- Chardonnays from Chile and California

- Pinot Grigio from Italy

- Merlots  from California & Washington

- Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand &

Solar cooking

When the conditions are right, we make some of the food using our solar oven.  The curries, the jerked chicken and the pot-au-feu are particularly good that way, slow cooked for hours.

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